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Big Screen Entertainment Group Publishing System (BPUB)

The BPUB toolset is BSEG's publishing system to the Big Stream Entertainment emerging ecosystem of content and media. Its one thing to build an streaming app, but the content needs tools to easily and swiftly be published, modified, or unpublished quickly and easily by the BSEG team.

BPUB usage works to automate the processes and workflow for getting the data imported and formatted to display within the BSE and RBSE apps. This allows the BSEG team to focus more on content creation and less on how to get the content into the app and or site.

BPUB flow of data

Visual glance of the BPUB setup, and workflow.

  1. Facilitating media metadata information entry and formatting into a database to be used for Big Stream Entertainment (BSE), and BSEGs ROKU channel Big Stream Entertainment as well (RBSE)
  2. database

  3. Quick and easy to set categories/playlists for displaying content for BSE and RBSE. You can set which content is featured media, if it should go into a set genre such as drama, or action etc. Or set content into more customized playlist using a tagging system.
  4. playlist

  5. Media is imported and processed using FFMPEG and other Python related toolsets to create optimized media for streaming for lowering buffering and loading times. Once the media is processed it is uploaded to Wasabi S3 cloud storage's system.
  6. media processed

  7. Media that is processed is then passed along to Wasabi S3 cloud storage.
  8. Wasabi S3 cloud storage s3

  9. Once the media is on Wasabi S3 cloud storage, and completed metadata in the database is then published, modified, and/or unpublished. The data is extracted and easily imported to update the BSE and RBSE app/channel.
  10. BPUB to BSE push updates

  11. Data is delivered to the end user using a CDN to ensure optimal and fast delivery.
  12. BPUB CDN

  13. BSE app is created using mostly React.js and other node libraries, and reporting is through BSEG BPUB to BSE API for marketing and internal accounting.

The BPUB tools allow easy manipulation of all the content for what will or will not be seen in the app. As time continues many more tools will be added to the system to allow for more functionality based on the growing data within the ecosystem. BPUB will allow BSEG to quickly create and/or acquire content for addition into BSE and RBSE and scale up as needed.